Discover the transformative power of the Enneagram.

“For many years I have been looking for a process, a program, and a teacher that could more deeply open the transformational power of the Enneagram for me. I wanted to move beyond the Enneagram of Personality to an exploration of the deep liberating potential I knew was present in this amazingly sophisticated psycho/spiritual map. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have found this program, this process, and these teachers in Uranio Paes and Bea Chestnut. I am so incredibly grateful.”


About the Retreat

This is a five-day retreat taught by Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes. This retreat is designed to take students through a deeper study of themselves and exploration and application of central methods of deep personal change connected to the Enneagram.

This includes structured self-reflection on family of origin issues, work with the internal arrow line movements on the Enneagram mat, meditation techniques, the Gurdjieffian centers of intelligence system, practice learning in small groups, and teachings on the Enneagram Virtues and Holy Ideas.

Inner Work Retreat A: Enneagram 2.0 is a prerequisite for taking this retreat.

Upcoming Dates

This event is the second retreat in our Personal Mastery Program for Inner Transformation. Inner Work Retreat A: Enneagram 2.0 is a prerequisite for this event.

Please view our terms, including our policies on course recordings and refunds here.

  • April 24-28, 2021 (Online Event)

    This event is scheduled to take place online. 

    • Each day, students will meet 9am to 4pm Pacific Time via Zoom. There will be plenty of breaks throughout the day and lots of interactive and experiential learning.
    • Students should not plan to have any meetings, run errands, or take care of other obligations, as this will be a highly participatory event.
    • Students will receive packages in the event that the retreat takes place online. They should prepare to submit their mailing information in preparation for this.


  • October 10-14, 2021 (San Francisco Area)

    This event is scheduled to take place in person in the San Francisco area. Due to the global pandemic, if the event is unsafe to take place in person, it will take place online. Our staff will be in touch with registered students in mid-August to confirm whether the event is set to take place in person or online. At that point, students will have the option to request a refund if event plans change.



    If the event takes place in person, please note:

    • Students who would like to register for this event will pay for tuition now and will have the option to add accommodations options when the in-person arrangements are confirmed.
    • We recommend that students make arrangements to fly into the San Francisco area the afternoon before the event so that they can get settled in prior to the morning start.
    • Please note that the actual venue may be outside the city and we will provide transportation recommendations at that time.

Wisdom tradition tells us that it is in becoming aware of our animal nature and using the capacity for conscious reflection (we as humans uniquely have) that we develop the ability to routinely impose an inner witness and observe our instinctual reactions and our passions in action. This kind of inner work gives us the power to intervene to intercept automatic behavior (stimulated by the interaction of the dominant instinct and the lower emotional center) and transcend to a higher level of consciousness.