A Program for Inner Transformation

Welcome to the Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy’s Personal Mastery Program!

Thank you for your interest in our program. This program is an intensive process designed for those who are motivated to apply the Enneagram to initiate a real journey of internal change. These are individuals seeking deeper ways to apply the Enneagram system of personality and who are committed to inner inquiry. They are ready for profound healing experiences and opportunities to learn in community to further their progress on their psychological healing path or spiritual journey.

What does it include?

The program includes three courses that should be taken in the following order:

  1. Inner Work Retreat A: Enneagram 2.0
  2. Inner Work Retreat B: The Transformational Enneagram
  3. Inner Work Retreat C: The Alchemical Enneagram

Retreat prices range from $1450-$1750 (accommodations may be added for a separate charge and travel is not included).

What is the registration fee? To register for the program, students will pay a one-time fee of $500 USD.

We require three Integration periods after each retreat: 

  1. Integration Period A
    • Once you sign up for the program, you will receive tailored feedback from Bea and Uranio based on the piece of inner work they did during Retreat A.
    • During this period, you will be introduced to your mentor, a staff therapist who will be there to guide you on your journey. Your mentor will use Bea and Uranio’s recommendations and will tailor your inner work inquiry based on this feedback. This includes providing you with reading materials and assignments, focusing your inner inquiry on the stage of Enneagram-related inner work that you need, and gently nudging you to the work that needs to happen before the next phase. Your mentor can also help you determine when you are ready for the next CP retreat. Students should meet with their mentors at least three times between retreats ($125 per session).
    • Students should join CP Online if they haven’t done so already ($199 per year) in order to use CP videos and materials for their assignments and inner work with their coaches.
  2. Integration Period B
    • During this period, students will continue to work with their mentor and complete three additional mentoring sessions ($125 per session).
    • They will also be assigned meeting groups that should meet once a month until the next retreat. Students will be introduced to one another and will self-organized to meet.
  3. Integration Period C
    • Students will continue to build community in their groups and will continue to work with their mentors based on their specific needs. They should meet three more times with their mentor prior to completing the program ($125 per session).


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I actually sign up?

    Sign up directly on this page! Click on “Sign Up Now” above and you will be prompted to pay your registration fee and accept the terms of the program. You will also be prompted to fill out a brief questionnaire so that we can pair you with the right mentor for your needs. Once you pay, accept the terms, and fill out our brief questionnaire, a CP staff member will introduce you to your mentor, and the two of you can take it from there.

  • When do I join the program?

    Students can join the program at any time, but most do so either prior to their first retreat or after completing Retreat A. Only students who sign up for the program will receive tailored feedback from Bea and Uranio based on their inner work.

  • Is there a deadline to complete the program?

    Typically students complete the program over the course of two years or so, but we are flexible to work with the student based on their needs. We want to make sure that students keep moving forward in their work, but we also respect that individuals come from different stories and backgrounds and some may need more time to process trauma and work on certain aspects of themselves than others.

  • What does the program cost?


    The costs of the program are as follows:

    • Registration fee ($500)
    • Three retreats (each of them ranges from $1450-$1750)
    • Nine total integration period sessions with your mentor ($125 per session)
    • An annual membership to CP Online ($199 per year)


    The costs above do not include accommodations or travel; they do include meals for in-person events and course materials. Students usually complete the program over the course of approximately two years.

  • How does CP pick my mentor?

    Mentors are usually selected directly by Bea and Uranio based on the work they did with you during Retreat A. This, coupled with their deep knowledge of our staff therapists’ methodologies and mentorship styles, will support them in creating a good match for your inner work journey.

  • How do I stay in touch with fellow students?

    Due to our international student base, we have chosen to stay on Facebook to host our community groups. once you sign up, you will be prompted to join the CP Personal Mastery Student Community Group. To join, you will have to enter a passcode that we include in the student portal. We also can share your student email list upon request. We have found that once in a retreat together, students tend to build community both through our formal channels and outside of them.