Gain deeper insights into the nine types and 27 subtypes.

In this panel-based course, Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes interview six people of each of the nine types, including two panelists of each of the 27 subtypes. Bea and Uranio are both trained in the Narrative method of learning about the nine types through panel discussions. Bringing in the nuance of instincts, subtypes, arrow line movements, and wing stretches, Bea and Uranio host unparalleled panel events. Each panel is approximately 2 hours long and was recorded in a webinar-style in front of a live studio audience.

Students have lifetime access to this course.

This course is not included in the CP Online annual or monthly memberships.

What our students are saying

“This was the first course I have been on with Bea and Uranio and it is the best Enneagram course I have been on to date. Incredible panels and insights led by two extremely beautiful people who are teaching the Enneagram in the way it should be. I will be back for more!”


“Beatrice and Uranio are both inspirational teachers of the Enneagram. They are both really knowledgeable and really personable, but the most important thing is how they let Panelists of all Types speak for themselves in their own words. The teachers make it clear that we all learn from the real experts on all the Types and Subtypes who are the Panelists themselves. It is great how Beatrice and Uranio combine really positive affirmations of each Panelist with sometimes searching questions about the potential growth path for each person to go deeper.”


“This series of panels vividly presented the similarities and differences among the nine type, while clearly showing the nuances of the three subtypes for each type. Watching it answered so many questions for me and allowed me to find my people.”