About the Course


A series of nine 90-minute sessions (one per type) focusing on being in relationship with each one of the nine types. 

  • Each lesson includes the tendencies and challenges associated with being in relationship with that type.
  • It provides key takeaways on how to effectively communicate with, understand, and fundamentally shift the relationship.
  • Sessions feature a consultant who provides insights on their personal experience as their type in relationship.

This course is ideal for those seeking to understand their own tendencies, that of their partners, close friends, or family members. The course will be especially useful for family therapists, marriage counselors, relationship coaches, and all professionals who support relationships between people. This course was recorded as a webinar series in front of a live studio audience.



What our students are saying


“…The tips, stories, expert panelists brought all types to life and shared a wealth of insights that have automatically supported me in interacting with others better. I was able to identify some of my own blind spots in relationships and be a lot more mindful of what might be a driver (conscious or unconscious) of the other person and therefore have more compassion and empathy rather than making up stories or taking things personally. Having do’s and dont’s was a special bonus!”

“I learned so much about the inner workings of myself and those I love.”

“Down to earth, practical information presented with kindness and humor. Pure gold.”

“So many enlightening, helpful, and compassionate insights into how to relate to each of the types.”