Learn to integrate the three centers of intelligence.

“It is great how Beatrice and Uranio combine really positive affirmations of each Panelist with sometimes searching questions about the potential growth path for each person to go deeper.”


“Beatrice and Uranio are excellent at navigating the live Zoom environment and its components, all while delivering powerful Enneagram rich content in so many ways – teaching, demonstrating, live content, group chat, and participant panels. The opportunity to see Uranio and Bea work with participants live is impossible to place value…- it is in action every second!”


“The experience of this workshop was more than learning in the head, but provided rich opportunities for both heart and body learning as well.”


A Deep Dive into the Centers

Gurdjieff used to say that a person who uses only one or two centers is a “sub-human” and only one who uses all three centers can be considered a true human being. This course will teach you how to embrace more of your human capacities to become an integral human being by developing access to the wisdom of the three centers. Come explore this important part of Enneagram theory and practice in a more comprehensive and in-depth way.

May 15-16, 2021

This course will follow mixed methodologies, including:

  • Panels
  • Meditations
  • Activities to sense into the three centers and develop access to them
  • Suggestions for ongoing practices and exercises for after the course that can be done by yourself
  • Break-out groups for discussion, doubts, debriefing, and integration